My name is John and I live in the Oklahoma City area.  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Religion degree from Oklahoma Baptist University and attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.   In the past I pastored Baptist Churches and was also chaplain at a funeral home.  I believe in justification through grace alone by faith alone in Christ alone.  I do not believe in Lordship justification.  I do believe that the Holy Spirit is at work in a believers life to lead them to holiness and godliness.   I am moderately Calvinistic in my understanding of salvation.   Among other things I believe in Unconditional election and Irresistible grace.   My eschatology is Preterist,  nevertheless, I hold that some things are still future.   I enjoyed James Stewart Russel’s book “The Parousia” on eschatology and recommend it highly.  Edward Fudge’s book called “The Fire that Consumes” is a great book regarding the subject of Hell and annihilation and I recommend it also.   I will be blogging on all kinds of issues so stop by often to see what’s going on.  I have posted two or three blogs…  Just click on the Archives icon for October and you can read them.  I will be adding more soon.  You can e-mail me anytime at johnlenroberts@gmail.com  Thanks and God bless.


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