Good News For Bad People (Lordship Salvation vs. Free Grace)

Hi, this is Brother John here to introduce you to my Faith alone Ministry blog, also known as…good news for bad people!  It is named that because the Gospel is good news and we humans are sinners.  The purpose of this blog is to encourage you in your Christian life.  You will be encouraged when you realize that the gospel is truly good news for us bad people.  It is good news for two reasons.

(1.)  Because there are no moral requirements to obtain justification and forgiveness.  We obtain God’s mercy  and forgiveness through faith alone in Jesus Christ.  The moment the sinner stops relying on his attempts to earn Gods favor and simply belives that the blood of Christ covers his sins, and thus, makes him right with God, he is saved.  When we trust and believe that we are right with God, not because of our works, but because Christ died for us and paid the penalty for our sins, we are justified!  That is good news for bad people.  Good people (the self righteous) hate this message because this message leaves no room for them to boast of their supposed  morality and goodness.  Bad people (us sinners) love this message because now we have hope and assurance.

(2.)  The Gospel is also good news because it changes us.  When the Holy Spirit brings us to faith in Jesus he enters our hearts and begins a work of grace in our lives.  God does not leave us alone and utterly helpless in our struggle against sin.  The Holy Spirit is now in our hearts and He works constantly to help us to be more godly.

These are the two reasons we should be encouraged every day!  Thanks and God bless… John Roberts.

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  1. That is the correct view


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